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They Made It!

9 October 2013
Justin-Leigh Band and Glamipulator

Justin-Leigh Band and Glamipulator are the first contestants to make it through to the top 6!

Six of the Top 18 contestants performed live for the judges on Tuesday and put their heart and soul into their performances in the first semifinal show.

Here's a recap of the first semifinal show.

1. Trevor Schoonraad, a pole dancer from Cape Town, was first to perform, the judges loved him and so did the viewers.

@Hle_Ntanji, tweeted: “that 1st performance was great. You could see he's a real Ballet Dancer. His choreography is also great and his music choice.”

2. The Justin-Leigh Band from Randburg was up next. 10-year-old Jamie-Lee on drums and 6-year-old Justin-Lee had Kabelo in tears.

Mlungisi Mtshali, Facebook: “Act 2 Justin Leigh Band OMG doz kids dey going far with their talant,they already got my vote Gud lucky kids.”

3. Lyrical Swagg from Krugersdorp rapped and danced with brooms and captured the judges and audience with their moves and lyrics.

@The_sweethang, tweeted: “these girls #lyricalswag just need a recording deal!!!!They are fantastic... Got nothing but love for them♥”

4. Divyog & Keeran from Durban got the audience into a nice groove with their traditional Indian music and singing.


5. Ezio Miller, a hip-hop dancer from Cape Town, got the crowd excited with his unique dance moves.

@Hle_Ntanji, tweeted: “IZIO!!!! He's the reason why we call ourselves Dancers NOT Humans. We breath, eat and sleep what we do♥. Totally AMAZING!!!”

6. Glamipulator from Khayelitsha in Cape Town was the last act for the evening and blew everyone away with his magic card tricks. Cards of different sizes and colours appeared and disappeared during his performance and left the judges and audience bemused.

Bulelwa Ben, Facebook: “The magician guy,oh my word....i was so shockd nd confused @ the same time...some ppl reali do have talent.....i wonder wats mine,i would reali love 2 knw....*wondering*”

Watch the results show tonight at 9:35PM to see if your favourite contestant made it to the Top 6.

The second live semifinal airs Thursday 10 October at 8:30PM.

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