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Recap: Last Night’s SA’s Got Talent semifinal

11 October 2013
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The Bambino Juggler, UCK, Tronix, Lil Diezo, Gerrard Quevauvilliers and Johnny Apple stepped up their game when they performed live for the judges on Thursday evening.

It was the second semifinal show of SA’s Got Talent and things are really heating up as the contestants’ battle it out for a spot in the finale.

1. The Bambino Juggler, a circus performer from Nyanga, Cape Town, was first to perform and impressed the judges and audience as he juggled pins and tennis balls. Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie” played in the background as he showed the judges a few things.

@crisie_tumi, tweeted: “oh yeah he is such a class act. Love his personality.”

2. UCK from Ceres in the Western Cape was up next and wowed everyone with their robotic dance. 17-year-old Keenan and 18-year-old Anrique’s sequences and movements were well rehearsed as they were in sync on stage.

@leshan16, tweeted: “Totally Love U.C.K!!! What perfection! U.C.K all the way!!”

3. Tronix from Johannesburg lit up the stage with their glow-in-the dark costumes and unique style of dancing using technology.

@colleen_busch, tweeted: “Tronix is something out. Of this world!!I couldn't believe what I saw lol.”

4. Lil Diezo, a 15-year-old rapper from Promosa, Potchefstroom, impressed the judges and audience with his rapping skills as he rapped about his life being a blessing.

@KingCraig_JVO, tweeted: “Little Diezo. His lyrics were amazing. A spirit of a true hustler. Loved his performance.”

5. Gerrard Quevauvilliers, a 12-year-old ventriloquist from Alberton, Johannesburg and his puppet Charlie left the judges and audience once again amazed as he and his puppet engaged in conversation with each other.  

@StrongAnn, tweeted: “wow! A young, talented ventriloquist is rare, what a find!”

6. Johnny Apple from George in the Western Cape left the audience reeling for more as he ended the show and received a standing ovation for his rendition of “This is a Man’s World” by James Brown.

@Kryptonite969, tweeted: “Wow wow wow wow, have to agree with Ian. Johnny Apple was off the charts. The Motown legends would be proud.”

Watch the results show tomorrow at 6:30PM to see if your favourite contestant made it to the finale.

The third live semifinal airs Tuesday 15 October at 8:30PM.

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