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This week on Scandal!

Lwazi Mluma |
1 May 2017

Yvonne receives a surprise visit, Zinzile fears for a loved one, Lerumo is alarmed by a doctor and Romeo attempts to cover his tracks. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Yvonne is horrified, but then decides to carry out an awful suggestion. Scelo places himself front and centre of the action and Freddie realises there’s no way out for him.

Yvonne proves she’s no monster, but is unnerved when someone is determined to get to the truth. A son and an employee are both taken to task about a violent incident. Dintle is horrified to realise that a plan is no longer going to work.

Lerumo is alarmed by a doctor's order and Romeo is concerned about a potential disaster. Mlungisi believes a lie and prepares for an unpleasant task. Dintle doesn't know whether to be relieved or upset.

Here’s what happened on Scandal last week

Yvonne receives a surprise visitor, and Romeo is about to commit a crime.  Zinzile gets news which makes her fear for the safety of her loved ones and Dintle is surprised to find herself feeling bereft.

Romeo realises that attempting to cover his tracks has made his situation even worse. Scelo is horrified that all may not be as it seems. Dintle is determined to make someone's life better.

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