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Puleng finally sees the truth

Nandipha Pantsi |
26 November 2017

Her new religious family is led by a woman who is prepared to kill those who disobey her. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

It looks like Puleng has finally seen the truth. Mam Mothibi is not a kind servant of the Lord. She’s a vicious woman who uses religion to manipulate her followers.

This became as clear as daylight to Puleng when Lufuno died. They were planning to run away, but strangely on that very night, Lufuno died while they were having dinner.

Mam Mothibi and Brother Wiseman were very calm. Brother Wiseman carried on eating and Mam Mothibi said it was “God’s will”.

Puleng was traumatized. She realised Purity was the one who told Mam Mothibi about their plan to escape and Mam Mothibi then poisoned Lufuno.

Now that Puleng knows the truth, how is she going to escape without being hurt by Mam Mothibi?

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