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We love these onscreen couples’ pet names

Lwazi Mluma |
16 February 2018

Yes, we have typical names like bae, babe or sweetheart. But these original pet names really make us smile.

Let’s be honest, pet names like sweetie-pie, baby, my love and more can get a bit boring at times.

But these onscreen couples have made us grin from ear to ear with their heartwarming, creative and affectionate nicknames.

Zinzile & Mlungisi

We can’t help but melt when Zinzile calls Mlungisi “Ndlokovu.” And Zinzile grins with a heartfelt smile when Mlungisi calls her “Mam’ ka Lindiwe.”

Bra Kop & Blossom

Bra Kop might be one of the sweetest and gentle guys on Rhythm City, but he’s not the romantic type. In his own ways, though, he shows his affection for Blossom by calling her “Blo.”

Siseko & Boniswa

This Scandal! power couple calls each other on first name bases only when they are in arguments. When love is in the air, they lovingly refer to one another as “Tat’akhe” and “Mam’akhe.” Sweet!

Puleng & Themba

Remember when Puleng and Temba were having an affair, before he died? We really loved how Themba called her “Puks.” Cute!

Yvonne & Neo

Okay! We know these two are not a couple. But no matter how mad Neo is at Yvonne, he always affectionately calls her “YV”, a nickname only he uses. And Yvonne always speaks of Neo as “Bra Moscow,” a name given to him by her.

What does your partner call you?

Catch these power couples on Rhythm City at 7:00PM and Scandal! at 7:30PM.