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26 August 2019

A toxic love story puts the Rampesards through a tough test. Imbewu weekdays at 9:30PM.

Nomfundo finds a picture of Nelisa, just in time as Nkululeko contemplates leaving town.
Phakade takes KaMadonsela to see Macingwane and she finds out the reason behind her bad omen. Meanwhile back in Chartsworth, Mira opens up to Elaine about Navin being released from jail while he (Navin) breaks into the Rampesard’s home and steals Mira’s underwear.

Ngcolosi finally remembers Nkululeko’s mother and Phunyuka, being a good friend, encourages him to accept Nkululeko as his son.
KaMadonsela’s eyesight returns and she seeks help from MaKhumalo but this lands her in trouble when other church members find her with muthi.
Mira prepares to confront Navin, little does she know about the ordeal she is getting herself into.

Ngcolosi announces to the whole family that Nkululeko is his son, much to the surprise of maZulu.
Pranav and Nirupa try to warn Mira about the dangers of confronting Navin but she is having none of it, prompting Pranav to ask a swamped Nkululeko to spend more time with Mira.
Back in Umbumbulu, the church members want nothing to do with Donsi.

A happy Ngcolosi gives Nkululeko a promotion but this unsettles Zakithi.
KaMadonsela is cleansed the traditional way and the church elders are against it and they propose that she be dismissed from attending church.
Just when Mira decides to forgive Navin, Elaine tells her not to trust anything that has to do with him. Later on Navin bumps into Mira with another man and threatens to kill her.

Tragedy strikes and Mira’s life is in danger.
KaMadonsela is happy that she does not have a calling meanwhile Zakithi tries to manipulate Shongololo to do her dirty work but it backfires.

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